About Union County

  • Area: 165 sq miles (427.3 kmĀ²)
  • Founded: 1821
  • Population: 7,513 (2011)

Major Highways:

  • U.S. Route 27
  • Indiana State Road 44
  • Indiana State Road 101
  • Indiana State Road 227
  • Interstate 70 to the north
  • Interstate 74 to the south

Indiana Eastern Railroad

Union County Indiana is one of the smallest counties in Indiana covering only 162 square miles. Rich in farmland and natural resources, Union County borders the state of Ohio. The county was established 1821, formed from three other counties: Franklin to the south, Wayne to the north and Fayette to the west. The Greenville Treaty Line dissects the three western townships making the sections it dissects look "fractured".

Union County was used as a "stepping stone" by many pioneers heading toward the western lands. Families came to the area, lived a few years and then moved on when land opened up farther west. It was the birthplace of Generals, beauty queens, artists and one little girl that became a world famous "orphant". The county is mostly agricultural with a few small factories. It is the home of Whitewater Memorial State Park and the entryway to the Brookville Lake Reservoir. Union County may be small in Indiana, but we are big in history.

Union County is strategically located in the hub of America's agricultural and industrial heartland. Situated midway between the Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton metropolitan areas, nearly 60% of America's major marketing regions are within a day's drive.