April 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes


The Union County Redevelopment Commission met at 8:30am in the Union County Commissioners’ meeting room of the Union County Courthouse.  Commission members Kris Lacy, Melanie Caldwell, Dennis Estridge, James Tilton and Marc Ross were in attendance.

The meeting minutes of December 9, 2014 were read and approved unanimously. The motion was made by Marc Ross and seconded by Dennis Estridge.  The year-end financials were also presented and approved unanimously.  Marc Ross made the motion to approve and Dennis Estridge seconded that motion.

Outdoor Performance Proposal

Travis Walters owner of Outdoor Performance presented his Memorandum of Understanding offering to replace R&M Outdoors, LLC for three years beginning July 15, 2015.  In return for obtaining approximately 3.3 acres, Outdoor Performance will be responsible for mowing approximately 25 times annually the common area of the Whitewater Industrial Park and providing for annual weed control.  Mr. Walters will be responsible for obtaining any and all necessary licenses and certification to perform weed control services or to hire appropriate vendors to perform such weed control service.  Outdoor Performance owned by Travis Walters will maintain commercial general liability insurance, pay any and all survey and recording fees and any costs associated with the successful completion for services in return for obtaining approximately 3.3 acres in the Whitewater Industrial Park.  Obtaining the approximately 3.3 acres would allow Travis Walters the opportunity to expand his business, construct a larger facility allowing him to serve his customers and provide four additional full-time employees.

Marc Ross moved to accept the proposal made by Travis Walters, a second was made by Dennis Estridge and the commission unanimously approved the motion.

Building Policy

The commission recommended and approved a building policy for companies locating in the Whitewater Industrial Park; the motion was made by Dennis Estridge and seconded by James Tilton.  The following policy description will be maintained for any buildings built at the Whitewater Industrial Park.  The policy requires a color scheme of green and white for retail or industrial buildings, no residential buildings will be permitted.  The Union County Redevelopment Commission has final say over the building design and structure.  Buildings must meet county zoning and building code requirements.  All properties will be well kept; landscaping will be required for “retail” buildings.  Additional signage on the properties will be approved by the Union County Redevelopment Commission.

Indiana Eastern Railroad LLC

The IERR made a proposal to purchase 2.8 acres in the Whitewater Industrial Park for the purpose of establishing a commodity transload operation using IERR’s existing rail spur.  Chris Whitley, representing IERR anticipates this plan will add both additional business activity and add five employees. The IERR further requests an option to purchase an additional 7.2 acres to expand operations at this location.  IERR would expect UCRC to construct an all-weather entrance road for heavy haul commercial use with a turnaround area as described on the submitted drawing.  The proposal and background information are attached as Appendix A of the UCRC meeting minutes.

The commission unanimously approved giving the Development Committee authority to negotiate the IERR proposal.  The motion was made by Marc Ross and seconded by Dennis Estridge.

Whitewater Industrial Park Driveway Repair

The commission discussed the repair of the industrial park driveway. It was discussed that the commission will advertise for bids.  The initial evaluation of the repairs needed included approximate dimensions of 18’ wide x 660’ long driveway with a base of 8-10” deep, 4-5” of No. 2 rock, and the remainder of topcoat gravel.  Marc Ross will be the point person at the site visit encouraging any potential bidders to attend the April 30th site visit.  All details of the driveway repair are tentative and could change due to discussions during the site visit.

Kris Lacy moved and Dennis Estridge seconded the plan to proceed with the driveway repair.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Caldwell, Secretary

Following the meeting the Development Committee of Kris Lacy, Melanie Caldwell and Marc Ross discussed and approved making the following offer to IERR regarding their expansion proposal: UCRC is willing to offer a sale price of $3500 per acre for the 2.8 acres.  In addition an offer is available for 30 days of $3500/acre to purchase the additional 7.2 acres.  If IERR does not accept the 30 day offer on the 7.2 acres, then the UCRC will agree to a 5 year option to purchase, purchase price to be determined when the option is exercised.