December 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Union County Redevelopment Commission

Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2015

The Union County Redevelopment Commission met at 8:30am in the Union County Commissioners’ meeting room of the Union County Courthouse.  Commission members Diana Bourne, Melanie Caldwell, Dennis Estridge, Dan Hubbard, Kris Lacy, Marc Ross and James Tilton were in attendance.

The meeting minutes of May 8, 2015 were read and approved unanimously. The motion was made by Marc Ross and seconded by Dennis Estridge.

Marc Ross discussed the successful completion of the driveway repair by Ballenger Farm Drainage and Excavating LLC. He is very pleased with the quality of the work.  As a result of the repair work, some crops were damaged. Jerry Logue reported approximately 10 bushels (soybeans) destroyed by the repair of the Whitewater Industrial Park driveway.

As per the Agricultural Lease agreement:

“In the event the Union County Redevelopment Commission of Union County, Indiana is successful in the development of an industrial park on said ground and the crop is damaged due to engineering or construction activities, the Lessor and Lessee will by mutual agreement determine the number of crop acres damaged.  The Lessee will be compensated for damaged crops as agreed, based upon projected yields times the new crop market average price of corn or soybeans by Harvest Land, College Corner, Ohio and Consolidated Grain and Barge, Connersville, Indiana less freight. The new crop average market price will be determined as of the date of the first crop damage.  Lessee shall receive a credit for any damaged crops on the November 1, 2015 rent installment.”

Melanie Caldwell determined the average cost of the damaged soybeans by calling Keith at CGB- Connersville who quoted his per bushel price as of 8/20/15 to be $9.7725, and Diane Dudley at Harvest Land-College Corner, Ohio to be $9.6925.  The average price is $9.7325.  Using the average price times 10 bushels = $97.33 which was deducted from the Logue’s November rental payment. ($5280-97.33=$5182.67)

The next order of business to be conducted at 9:00am was the opening of sealed 2016 farming bids for the Whitewater Industrial Park land. As advertised, the land available is 45+ acres.  2.8 acres owned by IERR may be available for crops. It will be determined in early 2016 if the 2.8 acres will be available.

The bids were as follows:


Bidder                          Per acre            1st        2nd      3rd       4th       5th     6th      

                                    Initial Bids       Bid


Jerry Logue                   100.00                 165          175       185       200       210       220


Dave Woodruff              $160.00              170       180       190       205       215

The winning and accepted bid was $220.00 from Jerry Logue, Logue’s Roundbarn Farms.  All of the bidders were thanked for their participation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Melanie Caldwell, Secretary