June 25, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The Union County Redevelopment Commission met at 8:30am in the Union County Commissioners’ meeting room of the Union County Courthouse. Commission members Bill Frazer, Melanie Caldwell, Dan Hubbard, Kris Lacy, and Carolyn Portwood were in attendance. Members of the public included Karl Moffett, Marcum Ross and members of the press: Bev Woodruff of The Liberty Herald and Pam Tharp of the Palladium Item.

The meeting minutes of May 29, 2012 were read and approved unanimously. The motion was made by Dan Hubbard and seconded by Carolyn Portwood.

Bill Frazer, President proceeded to open the RFPs. R&M Outdoors L.L.C. was the only bid received for the Landscaping and or Lawn Mowing (maintenance) work to be completed at the Whitewater Industrial Park. The bid offered a barter opportunity of providing the landscaping/mowing and tree work for three years in exchange for a deed of approximately 3.3 acres of land. R&M Outdoors L.L.C. wishes to establish a ‘Wood Recycling and Mulch Processing Plant”. This site would give the owners: Karl Moffett and Marcum Ross the opportunity to expand their current business and increase their current number of employees from four to eight.

Lisa Hubbard offered the only bid for Website creation for UCRC highlighting the Whitewater Industrial Park. Ms. Hubbard would work with the UCRC to select hosting and domain registration, work with an outside vendor on the logo design, and determine the number of pages, outside links and content needed to market the Whitewater Industrial Park.

The UCRC will meet on July 6th at 8:30 am to discuss the two proposals.

Finally, it was announced that the UCRC has obtained liability insurance through PRS Insurance. The Whitewater Industrial Park is now insured as part of the county’s policy.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Caldwell