May 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The Union County Redevelopment Commission met at 8:30am in the Union County Commissioners’ meeting room of the Union County Courthouse. Commission members Bill Frazer, Melanie Caldwell, Dennis Estridge, Dan Hubbard, Kris Lacy, Carolyn Portwood and Chris Rosenberger were in attendance.

President Bill Frazer thanked Gwayne Reed and Marvin Hofer for their service to the commission and welcomed two new members: Dan Hubbard and Carolyn Portwood.

The meeting minutes of March 28, 2011 and December 5, 2011 were read and approved unanimously. The motion was made by Chris Rosenberger and seconded by Dennis Estridge.

Financial reports for 2011 were presented and reviewed by the commission. The annual reports were completed for Gene Sanford, Union County Auditor and the State Board of Accounts. Kris Lacy motioned and Dennis Estridge seconded to accept the financial reports; the motion was unanimously approved by the commission.

The commission discussed the need to establish a regular maintenance program of mowing and developing landscaped areas at the Industrial Park, create signage identifying the industrial park, and installing no trespassing signs around the retention pond. In addition, the commission discussed creating a Request for Proposal for website design and marketing materials and perhaps creating a logo for the commission/industrial park.

In addition to the signage around the retention pond, concern was expressed as to whether or not fencing was needed. Bill Frazer will discuss the issue with our county attorney, Jim Williams and will also check with Mac Keasling, insurance agent with the county to confirm that proper liability insurance is held by the county on the industrial park.

The commission agreed to tour the industrial park on Tuesday May 15th at 9am for everyone to see the completed railroad spur and to introduce our two new members, Dan Hubbard and Carolyn Portwood to the location.

The final order of business included the naming of the Industrial Park. Naming ideas included:

  • Burnside Industrial Park
  • Crossroads Industrial Park
  • Stone Road Industrial Park
  • Whitewater Industrial Park
  • Eastern Indiana Industrial Park
  • U.S. 27 and Stone Road Industrial Park

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Caldwell