December 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes


The Union County Redevelopment Commission met at 8:30am in the Union County Commissioners’ meeting room of the Union County Courthouse.  Commission members Bill Frazer, Melanie Caldwell, Dan Hubbard, Dennis Estridge, and Kris Lacy were in attendance.

The meeting minutes of September 24, 2013 were read and approved unanimously. The motion was made by Dennis Estridge and seconded by Kris Lacy.

The Whitewater Industrial Park sign has been manufactured and will be installed after the curing of the cement base.  It is anticipated; weather permitting, that the sign will be installed sometime during the third or fourth week of December.

A sign policy was developed for any business that would like to display a business sign at Whitewater Industrial Park.  Each request will be considered on a case by case basis.  An application was also developed for any future requests.  The commission amended the policy to consider any request from a business within 1 mile of the Whitewater Industrial Park.  Dan Hubbard moved and Dennis Estridge seconded to accept the policy as amended.  The policy was approved unanimously.

Our commission was notified by the Union County Commissioners who have established a new procedure for commissioner appointments to all county boards effective January 1, 2014.  All UCRC commissioners interested in continuing to serve in 2014 should notify the secretary, Melanie Caldwell and she will submit the names to the Auditor, Gene Sanford for the UC Commissioners consideration and appointment.

The next order of business to be conducted at 9:30am was the opening of sealed 2013 farming bids for the Whitewater Industrial Park land.

The bids were as follows:


Bidder                        Per acre              1st        2nd      3rd       4th       5th       6th

 Initial Bids     Bid


Jerry Logue                 $100.00             200       210       220       230       250       260


Dave Woodruff            $190.00            205       215       225         235        255


The winning and accepted bid was $260.00 from Jerry Logue.  All of the bidders were thanked for their participation.

The final order of business involved reviewing the documents required for the Indiana Shovel Ready website.  Melanie Caldwell has gathered many of the required documents from the work completed by our engineer and the commission’s records. All of the members are assisting in obtaining the remainder of the documents required. OCRA the Office of Community and Rural Affairs is hoping to have the new website operational in the spring of 2014.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Caldwell,  Secretary